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Japanese Promo Cards

We have available several of the Neo 1, 2 and 3
Promotional binders.
The binders are still sealed. All cards are in mint condition.
Shipping on these binders is $3.95 for up to 5.
If you want a scan of a certain folder I will scan them for you.

Reverse Holofoil Entei from Neo 2 binder

I will in the next few days have for sale:
ANA'98 (Pikachu,Dragonite)
ANA'99 (Pikachu,Articuno)
Grand Party
Celebi(e-promo)Nintendo Spaceworld 2001
Lucky Stadium-Pikachu
Pikachu (2002 Pokemon-festa)
I will update this page as soon as I get the cards with pictures and prices.

We have 1 Japanese Ancient Mew Second Edition with Movie Program $25.00 (1)

Reverse Holofoil Pichu from Neo 2 binder Sold

Japanese Happy Birthday Pikachu $90.00 (1)
This card is still sealed with the stickers.

Coro Coro Shinning Mew

BELLOSSOM $22.00 (1)
Sealed Limited Release Pokemon Fair Promo card Bellossom with Pamphlet.

Japanese Volume 5 Onix $22.00 (1)
Japanese Pokemon Card: Haganeeru No# 208 still sealed

Japanese E Promo Kakureon $22.00 (1)
From 2001 Movie still sealed

Coro Coro Promo Upa $10.00 (1)
Coro Coro Promo PII $8.00 (1)

All jumbo cards will be mailed in jumbo top loaders.

We also have the America Pikachu Jumbo Card.
We will get a scan of the card soon. $8.00 (3)

Jumbo Coro Coro Promo Pikachu & Friends $10.00 (1)
Jumbo Coro Coro Promo Swimming Pikachu $10.00 (SOLD OUT)

Jumbo Coro Coro Promo Pichu Pikachu $10.00 (SOLD!)

Jumbo Coro Coro Promo Legendary Birds $10.00 (SOLD)

Jumbo Coro Coro Promo Girarudan $10.00
Jumbo Coro Coro Promo Charizard $15.00 (SOLD)

CD Promo Lightning Bolt Holofoil Charizard $25.00 (SOLD)

CD Promo Lightning Bolt Holofoil Vensaur $12.00
CD Promo Bubbles Mew $20.00
CD Promo Glossy Mewtwo $20.00
Fan Club Magazine Rocket's Persian $20.00
This card is in NEAR mint condition. There is a small spec of white showing on the back. There are no scratches or blemishes on the front of this card.
Japanese Gym Leaders 2 White Diamond Chansey (Ultra Rare) $20.00
Japanese Video Starter Set $55.00 (1)
This card set has 82 unique cards. Each card has either a Squirtle or Bulbasaur symbol on it. All so known as the Squirtle and Bulbasaur Deck. Included is a Japanese VHS video, 2 Holofoils, energy cards, trainers and cards to make 2 playing decks. This set is still sealed.

Japanese pokemon 3 Card Promo sets
Cards are in their original sealed package.

Southern Islands Togepi $6.00
Southern Islands Vileplume $6.00 (1 left)
Souther Islands Marill $7.00

Glossy Vending Promo Hitmonlee On Ice $9.00SOLD

Vending Series 3 Glossy Haunter $5.00